Cuba Ventures Corp.

Cuba Ventures Investment Highlights

  • Cuba Ventures is a publicly traded Canadian investment company capitalizing on growth and opportunities in the USD$3 billion and growing Cuba travel and tourism industry
  • Experienced management team and advisory board with a track record of success and focused expertise in Cuba
  • Subsidiary Travelucion is a cash-flow positive online digital marketing company specializing in travel marketing, electronic reservations and online booking solutions for international visitors to Cuba
  • Travelucion's revenues have been rapidly increasing in the wake of notable shift in American policy towards Cuba as diplomatic relations between the two nations have normalized
  • Travelucion Media owns vast portfolio of Cuban focused web assets (432 websites) which collectively generate over 30 million page-views per year and direct traffic to Travelucion's booking sites
  • Window of opportunity with minimal American competition due to 54 year old embargo, yet travel restrictions on qualified American travel to Cuba have relaxed opening up multi-billion dollar market servicing these travelers
  • Noteworthy shareholder base and significant insider ownership: over 41% of issued / outstanding shares

Statements from Management:

Jim Pettit, President of Cuba Ventures, stated: “Cuba Ventures is one of the first Cuba focused publicly traded company in North America offering investors exposure to growth in the Cuban travel sector. Our team is dedicated to value creation and capitalizing on the growth and unique opportunities present in Cuba. The acquisition of Travelucion Media marks our initial entry into the Cuban travel market and Cuba's largest industry, the tourism industry.”

Steve Marshall, Founder and President of Travelucion Media, stated: "Taking Travelucion Media public is the pinnacle of my life's work. Building an online travel and media company focused on Cuba has required years of hard work and relationship building on the island. Two decades later with President Obama visiting Cuba, the first sitting U.S. President to visit Cuba in almost 90 years, my vision is coming to fruition. These past few years have been exciting times at Travelucion Media with rapidly increasing travel-related revenues as well as a surge in American web visitors to our 432 websites, clearly exemplifying the unwavering passion the American people have to discover more about Cuba, a place I called home for 11 years. Sharing my long-term enthusiasm for Cuba, the management and team at Cuba Ventures are a pleasure to work with and, in my new role as Company Director, I look forward to many years of ongoing commitment to furthering our common goals. Our shareholders can expect great things from our newly combined team over the coming months and years as we channel our burgeoning internet traffic towards additional Cuban commercial ventures and opportunities, while continuing to capitalize on the growing, multi-billion dollar Cuban tourism industry. Cuba Ventures plans to focus on the emerging, yet under-served, American travel market to Cuba. It has become clear that more and more Americans wish to visit the island under the current 12 U.S. exemptions and the new people-to-people educational visit criteria instituted by the Obama administration in March 2016.”